Fiber Optic Sensing Option

May 15th 2015, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Lucy Dunne >> XelfleX >> >> 5DT Gloves >>

Data Gloves Overview

October 30th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

The following collection of data gloves tries to give a diverse overview and includes commercially…

IMU and Wireless Overview

October 27th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

This post tries to collect an overview of Inertial Measurement Unit devices and Wireless Modules…

Hardware Assembiles

October 26th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

This post seeks to define the parts, materials and techniques for producing the following hardware…

Progress on Collaborator glove testing

October 25th 2014, Kelly Snook
PCB versions 1.0 and 1.1

Various members of the team are busy testing the gloves as the technologies and designs…

3D Printed AA and AAA Battery Case

August 6th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Instead of using the LiPo batteries to power the collaborator gloves, what about 3D printing…

DIY E-textile flex sensor

January 24th 2014, Maurin

Make DIY E-textile flex sensor combining resistive materials like velostat or Eeonyx fabric and conductive…

Stretch and Hybrid PCBs

January 15th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Hybrid PCBs Rigid flex PCB Stretch PCBs STELLA Project >>

Goves knit from one piece?

January 15th 2014, Hannah Perner-Wilson

What if we could 3D knit the gloves so that they are one piece of…

Materials Gathering and Costing

October 3rd 2013, Hannah Perner-Wilson

In preparation for Kickstarter this post collects materials info and costing for the materials we…

Professor WiFi’s Summer Project

July 22nd 2013, Seb Madgwick

Today I met Professor WiFi and his student Simon Rankine to kickoff a summer project…

Bend/Flex Sensor Overview

May 5th 2013, Hannah Perner-Wilson

Collection of different types of sensors that can be used for sensing bend/flex, position of…